Mike wins 2017 Hamilton 5A Swiss Pairs

Not often do I enjoy being beaten but it was a delight being wiped out by Michael and his partner, Malcolm Smith, in the 8th round of the Swiss pairs tonight. Their win leap-frogged them from 10th position to first where they held their ground in the final 9th round to win the overall event.  What was also lovely was seeing the two of them relaxed and enjoying their game in the process.

Cambridge Club looks forward to welcoming 44 teams to the 2017 Sixes

Yes, it is that time of year when our club is ramping up to host the largest one day tournament in NZ. In five years, this event has taken off like no other in the bridge world. The fun formula of great bridge, trivia and some old fashioned fun of dress up and spot prizes brings people back for more! This year we have our largest contingent ever of 264. What makes it special is the team comraderie of six at different stages of their bridge career. It is a day packed full of opportunity to learn the odd useful tip.

New Rules .. what are they?

The World Contract Bridge rule book gets updated every 10 years. The 2017 edition has just been rolled out and came into force in NZ on the 1st August. Murray Wiggins, NZ Bridge Chief Director held a seminar for directors in Matamata recently to explain some of the changes.

There have been a lot of minor changes to the rules which you probably don't need to be aware of (and many the rules have changed to reflect what people are doing already like it is now officially against the rules to move the board from the centre of the table during play).