Cambridge survives the interclub teams marathon

It was a bit of an endurance test with nine rounds of 9,8 and 7 board matches for the Opens, intermediates and juniors respectively. All teams got off to a rocky start but all showed their fortitude by picking up their performance at the end of he day (7pm!) when the opposition started to wane.

The Fairlands Shield returns to Cambridge

Cambridge members had a lovely outing to Te Awamutu today for our annual game of fun bridge with our friendly neighbouring club.

Cambridge now boasts over 200 members

For the first time any of the current committee can recall, Cambridge bridge club has over 200 members with the introduction of the 2017 learners.


Cambridge is gearing up for the annual Waikato interclub teams event. Sadly this is no longer linked to a national event but it is good fun nonetheless.

Taking part this year are


Eunice & Calum Come Up Trumps Again

In their third round of the regional knock-out Rubber Bridge competition, Cambridge's own Eunice Eccles and Calum Maclean have won through against formidable opponents in Silver Grandmasters Ken and Kathy Yule of Matamata. This is a fine example of the cards being no respectors of rank - somewhat akin to lambs besting lions.