Inspiring Presentation of Pianola

James WardJames WardJames Ward from Leeds, founder and CEO of Pianola, which the club has been (under) utilising this past year, gave a most inspiring presentation at the club last Thursday. At the end of his talk people were saying things like "Why didn't I realise this?" and "It's a no-brainer that we pick up on that" and simply "How marvellous!".

Cambridge bridge player mix becoming more representative of the NZ average

Not that many years ago, Cambridge could count its Open players on one hand. Now there are more, our grade make-up is far more representative of the New Zealand player range.

Seven members have risen in the ranks

Congratulations to Ayako, who after her success at Rotorua Christmas tournament playing with Herman, is now an Open player.

Very well done to our six new Intermediate players at our club:

Pianola presentation Thursday 19 January 7.30pm by its creator!

At the 2016 AGM, members wanted to understand what Pianola offers that we don't already have. It was agreed that I would find this out and present the info to you.

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