Interclub marathon

The 2016 Interclub competition saw a very healthy nine clubs participate. Brilliant! To keep the movement simple, we played 8 matches of 7 boards and had a bye ie 9 rounds.

Board 8 Deleted - Wednesday 22 - Cards incorrectly returned half way through the evening

In its journey around the room one table put the cards back incorrectly - they rotated the board so that East cards went in South (or North) and West cards went in North (or South).

2016 Interclub Cambridge Team selected

It is amazing that Cambridge now has enough members at eqch level to enable a selection process to occur, Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered their support for the club.

Mid-Winter Xmas Lunch - Great!!

The Thursday afternoon session was favoured with a special luncheon on the 16th. The wine flowed freely, the spread for MYO rolls was fulsome with ham and chicken, salads and spreads and everthing! And a delicious Black Forest spongey roll to follow. Yum! Then we got down to the business with ten full tables. A very happy afternoon.

Mid-Winter CheerMid-Winter Cheer


A wonderful day at the Club today when we retained the Fairlands Trophy at our annual event with Te Awamutu.