Dot Sheridan - A Tribute


I first met Dot 9 years ago when she, along with John started Bridge lessons with me and a few others.  Sadly Bridge wasn’t John’s game (nor my husband’s as it turned out) but it was Dot’s.

This was the start of a great friendship.  Along with Barbara and Marilyn we spent many hours practising and trying to get the hang of this confusing game over the Christmas holidays the year we learnt.  And we did learn but we laughed more.  

Missing library book

"The New Complete Book of Bridge" by Albert Dormer and Ron Klinger is missing from our library. This is a relatively new book and has a silver cover. If per chance you have it sitting at home, could you please return it. Thanks. 

Men at work

It was too tempting not to capture this moment after the AGM.... and on Wednesday members worked out what Philip, Grant and Kevin were thinking,,,,

men at work

Have you put your bet on yet?

When is my wife's birthday?

Three wise men? Yeah Right!

Eenie, Menie, Minie....Where's Mo?

Bloody teens always on their screens

Programme books 2019

Our programme book is ready to be collected.

Pick up time at the club is Wednesday nights 5th and 12th December from 6 30pm to 7pm.

Even if you are not playing please come along and pick up your programme book and save the postage costs.

2018 AGM bids farewell to Vicki as President

After five years as President, the club was sorry and sad to see Vicki step down in her leadership role. Anne (2018 vice-president and 2019 President) summarised perfectly Vicki's many achievements.  These included rejuvenating the club rooms, the 80+ High Tea, growing every bridge session, baking cakes to recognise special birthdays, providing even handed leadership, being inclusive of all our members and being kind and caring - including visiting those who have been sick at home or hospital.

Kay Walsh painting

The committee has confirmed that the painting donated by Kay Walsh and painted by her, which was not put back on the wall after the repainting and upgrade to the clubrooms, will not be rehung. This follows consultation with foundation and longstanding members whose contribution to the club over many years is most appreciated.  Of 21 members contacted only five wished the painting to be re-hung.

As a result of this the committee has decided that there are two options for the painting:

Jane and Di finish 2nd with their team mates in the IP Women's teams

With the assistance of their team mates, Jo Simpson and Kathy Yule, the Waikato Bays women did us proud winning 8 out of their 12 matches taking them to 2nd overall.  It sounded like an exhausting marathon of bridge but they were exhilarated with their success at this national competition.

Cambridge members tried to follow their success on BBO but sadly this team was not featured. 

However I am sure Cambridge members were with them in mind and spirit.

Congratulations to them all!