Appeals Process

  1. Call the director if there has been an infringement.  
  2. Call them in a courteous manner "Director please"
  3. You must accept the director's decision at the table.
  4. If you do not agree with the decision - speak to the director privately at an appropriate opportunity and invite them to review their decision with another director.
  5. If after review you still do not agree with the decision - advise the director that you wish to appeal.
  6. Appeals must be lodged by 2pm on the day following the date of the decision.  You should state your reasons for disagreeing with the decision in your appeal notification.
  7. You must tell the opposing pair affected by the appeal that you have lodged an appeal and forward to them a copy of your appeal.
  8. The opposing pair may submit their view on the incident leading to the appeal.
  9. The director who made the decision will be asked for the basis of their decision.
  10. An appeals committee will be formed of at least three senior club members. 
  11. The result of the appeal will be made known to all parties involved and the director within 48 hours. The appeals committee decision is final.

The Cambridge Bridge Club needs directors who are often volunteers.  We need to treat them with respect at all times to encourage them to continue this valuable task at the club.  Being rude to a director is not acceptable behaviour at the club.