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Monday 00:00 Open CCBC Clubrooms

General Information for All Sessions

The table money is $4 per game.  Visitors are free for their first appearance but may pay cash at the table thereafter. Club members pay by keeping their on-line Compa$$ account in credit. Our scoring system knows who plays and abstracts the table money from the Compa$$ accounts of those people.

The annual subscription is $45. NZ Bridge-affiliated members from other clubs pay only $27 to enjoy the rights and privileges of full membership. We have no "Country Member" structure. Payment by internet banking (see below) is preferred.  

If paying by internet banking, please identify the payment clearly under "Payee's Details" and give your name and Computer Number  The Club's bank account number is 03-1568-0121010-000 with Westpac Cambridge branch.

Lessons commence on Tuesdays in early May. Please refer to Education tab/Beginners for more information.


Monday 10:00 Supervised CCBC Clubrooms

Monday Social, 9:50 for 10:00 start. 

Joanna Bangs (020 4030 9639) is the partnership steward. Please contact her if you need a partner.

We maintain a schedule of card-turners for Melanie Trevethick and appreciate anyone volunteering to assist.


Monday 19:00 Open CCBC Clubrooms

Serious as it gets at Cambridge. Mixed abilities from moderately confident on up. Partner required - phone Sue Aitken ph 027 273 5243. Greeting and announcements generally begin at 7:00pm with play following by 7:10pm. Best be seated by 6:55. No supper break but tea/coffee available.


Wednesday 19:00 Open CCBC Clubrooms

Our hugely popular fun evening. Mostly the newer players and those that enjoy a friendly game once or twice a week. Great support from committee members as we work to make our club vibrant. Please be seated by 6:55pm for the welcome and announcements. Play starts by 7:10 with a supper break about 9-ish and the intention of finishing up just after 10pm. We have a host system in operation so you can be sure of a game if you just pitch up but do try our partnership steward Kay Hanna ph (021) 523 954 who will be pleased to set you up with someone.

We maintain a schedule of hosts in order to guarantee a game for anyone who turns up without a partner. We appreciate anyone volunteering to assist - free game whether you are needed or not.


Thursday 13:00 Open CCBC Clubrooms

Please be seated by 1:00pm for 1:10 start. Partnership steward is Beth Kingsley  (021) 170 4432. Break for afternoon tea with some chocolate biscuits if you're quick! Day Owls who have played before - beware! Otherwise friendly.

We maintain a schedule of card-turners for Melanie Trevethick and appreciate anyone volunteering to assist.


Friday 09:00 Supervised CCBC Clubrooms

A session of supervised coaching and revision of hands for those that have attended club sessions over the preceding weeks. Mainly for newer players seeking guidance. Several experienced players turn out to help. No registration necessary .. friendly session finishes with a cuppa around 11am.